Sagab is the worlds leading manufacturer of non-contact voltage indicators and magnetic field indicators. Instruments such as Volt Stick and Magnet Stick are particularly well-know, and associated with both high quality and safety.

With the "Sagab by Elma" product line, we have gathered a range of equally user-friendly instruments of the same quality at very competitive prices.

Browse through our product range and take particular note of our selection of Sagab by Elma multimeters, the robust clamp meters and the recent addition to the product line – the new Sagab by Elma laser distance meter.

The latest instruments added to the Sagab by Elma product line, is the infrared laser thermometer and the practical mini lux meter with backlight.

Through our many years in the industry we have acquired extensive experience, and today we can call ourselves experts in both test and measurement technology and practical usage in all related tasks. We also have a strong focus on new demands and regulations in the market.

The evolution in the test and measurement industry is fast paced, and there is always new instruments on the horizon. If you do not find exactly what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us with your query.